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It’s October and that usually means that the cold weather is near, however, the action on the rink is still hot. We are just a little bit over the 40% mark of the season and the action is getting exciting. This weekend I had a chance to catch up with a good friend of mine, Jason Muro of the Suffolk Sting and Long Island Snipers and discuss many topics. For those of you that know Jason Muro, he is rather animated and loud. Everything he says and does has an exact point and is meant to be heard by everyone within a five mile radius.

We had a chance to talk about his organization who went from a pro and minor to two pro and minor teams during the off-season. Somehow, our conversation turned into a battle of heated comments about the New York Yankees, Alex Rodriguez, Josh Hamilton and Robinson Cano instead of roller hockey. The debate happened to involve his goaltender and two of my Grizzlies players James Manganaro and Matt Ramoundos. Jason’s feelings are that Alex Rodriguez will be a Yankee for life, and Josh Hamilton will get more money per year than Robinson Cano because “thats just the way it is”. Ramoundos offered a detailed explanation of why he felt Cano would receive higher offers and Manganaro just sat there and enjoyed the conversation along with me. After they were done, Muro went into the rink to coach and I never did get a chance to ask him much, so I waited to see him again.

For those of you that don’t know, the Suffolk Sting Pro and Minor teams turned into 2 Minor and 2 pro teams this season and according to Jason it has helped him gain players within his organization but may have also given him a tougher road to a repeat in both the Pro and Minor Division this season. The Suffolk Sting won both the Pro and Minor Division Titles last season and are looking for a repeat this season. Muro is excited to coach more teams, and if you have a chance come check him out this weekend at ISCA.


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