They Are Young and Inexperienced but They Show Promise!

Everything about the Pennsylvania Typhoon shouts youth and lack of experience, except their head coach, he’s old and well …… old! New PIHA rules for players at the pro level have given the Typhoon youth the opportunity to show promise early in the season. With as many as four 16 and 17 year old’s dressing for most pro games, youth has been served. And they don’t just dress, they play regular shifts, take important face-offs, kill penalties and even run the power play!

A record of 2 wins and 8 losses for 4 points may not be impressive but when you look back at the Typhoon record the past few years you can see why the players and their fans are excited about our youth and this team. As the Typhoon gains experience and starts to believe in themselves the future of the whole Typhoon organization looks bright. Now if only the head coach could not look so …  well  …  old!