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Welcome to a new PIHA season. We saw last year end with the Snipers sweeping the Thunder away in the finals. This year the finals will be played in Colorado Springs.

I hear the league expanded while I was hibernating over the off season. Welcome to the league South America! You better bring it cause the Yanks aren’t giving away the $25,000 prize.

Word around the rink is that the minor division will now be called semipro. Not because Will Farrell is making a PIHA based sequel but because they will be in the money this year for a championship win.

Players you need to remember that Ol Slim hears everything……. Like Greg Thompson’s interview for The Bikini Hockey League…… Thomps…… C’mon man!!!! One gold medal and you’re all of a sudden a hero to all of us in the league. Next time you gotta drop my name dude.

I am taking bets this year, you tell Slim Who the division Champions are going to be….. and the over/under on how much hair the crafty vets CJ Yoder and Jay Mazer will lose chasing the young kids around the rinks. You might ask “Slim, how do we know they aren’t already bald?” I gotta go, its time to carbo load for the next season.

 I’ll see you at the buffet:


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