Scandals, Simmons, and Stallions

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Slim Pickens

SCANDAL ROCKS PIHA!!!!!! Alleged Gambling ring busted. It appears that several players have been throwing fantasy baseball games. Authorities said that they are investigating a number of suspect moves including all stars being held out of big games impacting playoff positioning.

Back to the rink, I have been told that the Mile High Miners are trying to get an edge on their divisional foes this season. It appears they have held several dry land conditioning sessions where they strictly follow Richard Simmons workout videos. Coach Mike Penman has said “this year we are going to outwork our opponents in all three zones, and this gives us the best chance at winning the division.” Will the Miners be trend setters? We will know in a few short months.

While at a golf tournament this past weekend, I have heard a rumor that The Colorado Stallions have been starring in a PIHA first. TV cameras have been following the Stallions closely in a “Hard Knocks” style documentary. This is unconfirmed as when I pressured head coach Bill Mulhern about it he responded with “Slim, the food is almost gone, you should head over and get a plate before it’s too late.”  The crafty head coach knows how to dodge questions.

Well, until next time.

See ya at the buffet

why dont you start talking about a real PIHA team that wins games every year instead of a team that always talks about and never can win more then 4 games a year. stop favoring certain teams. parker prowlers are the best team in PIHA for the last 3 years and theres never one article on them. stop only exposing teams that are bad and never has had a winning record. by the way if you didnt see it but the parker prowlers sweeped the thunder and set a example for all pro piha teams watching thats gow it is gonna be all year.