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The holidays have passed, the weather is getting colder, but the New Year brings playoff  hockey. The action has been heating up in the minor leagues as the teams have been battling for spots in the second season. 

Some of the players  to watch in the minor league post season:

  • Points  leader Nico Christino  of the Marshallton Rampage with 34g and 57p
  • Western Conference point leader Joey Dolce of the Mile High Miners
  • West Parker Prowlers  goalie Cody Stephen/Miller leading the way with 20 Wins
  • Wallington Grizzles goalie Kyle Edgar with his save percentage of just under 92%

That is just to name a few of the many young players showing the PIHA will be in good hands in the not so distant future. Who is going to step up when the games matter? Will there be any upsets along the way?  Will the West Parker Prowlers and the Suffolk Sting face-off again in the final this year? If you can answer those questions you are smarter than me. One thing sure, the action will be intense and I am looking forward to seeing it.

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