PIHA Masters/Seniors Information for 2012-2013

Contact Person: Frank Caldwell

Cell: 610-334-4436

E-Mail: frank@warehousebay.com

Masters/Seniors League Notes

  • Masters to have 2 Divisions: Masters (30 plus) & Seniors (35 plus)
  • Masters to Date: Downingtown, Pottstown, Reading, York
  • Seniors to Date: Pottstown, Lunatics, York
  • Age based on actual birth date and age at time of game
  • Masters/Seniors Fee: $500 per team to PIHA, $900 per team for Floor Fees and Ref Fees
  • Masters/Seniors Season to be 12 Regular Season Games followed by Play-offs
  • Masters/Seniors Regular Season Games to include cross-over games between divisions
  • Masters and Seniors will separate for Play-offs
  • Masters/Seniors Play-offs to be best of 3 per Round, All teams make play-offs, Seeding and Play-off schedule to be based on number of teams entered. Example 4 Teams: 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3    5 Teams: 4 vs. 5 for 4th seed
  • Masters/Seniors players may roster on one team only
  • Masters/Seniors may not be rostered as Pros
  • Masters/Seniors Games to be 2- 10 minutes halves
  • Masters/Seniors games ending in tie in regular season broken by Sudden- Death Shootout
  • Masters/Seniors age based on actual birth date and age at time of game
  • Masters/Seniors must play a minimum 4 games to be play-off eligible
  • Masters/Seniors will abide by all PIHA League Governing Rules
  • Masters/Seniors Finals will involve top East Team vs. top West Team at Championship Weekend. If no Western Division then top 2 Teams from East Division Masters will play for Championship on Weekend.