Night of Champions for Typhoon Organization

typhoon (quinton, yingling, yoder) at schoolThe Typhoon organization has moved from a few city names but has always produced champions. Whether you refer to them as the York Typhoon, Pennsylvania Typhoon, or the current Hershey Typhoon, the team has bred winners from their very beginnings and on December 8th the organization will recognize these former and current players and teams.

This Sunday night the York Typhoon will take on the Lancaster Typhoon in the confines of Doc’s Family Fun Center but the night will not only showcase a Semipro battle for a playoff spot it will include the first four members inducted into the Typhoon Hall Of Fame, along with an unveiling of several Jr Typhoon team Championship banners. 

Three youth team banners will be unveiled for recent Jr Typhoon Championships while members of the 1st two PIHA Championship teams will be inducted into the Typhoon Hall of Fame. Geoff Finch, Brian Yingling, Steve Yingling, and CJ Yoder will be the inaugural members of the association and for good reason. Not only were these four players crucial in the start of the league and the Typhoon organization but they led the organization to the league’s first 3 PIHA Championships.

This Sunday will be a tremendous night for the Typhoon organization and for several people ecstatic to be a part of it. “Some of the best times in my hockey career were moments we had with the Typhoon. An absolute great bunch of guys that cared about the sport, the league, and their teammates. We had a fantastic time and I am honored to be a part of this great event,” said former Captain, CJ Yoder. 

The semipro series begins at 630pm with the inductions and banner unveilings directly after. For more information email the league office at