New Jersey Braves Jared Reisman Previews the Team

PIHA: With the Braves becoming part of PIHA for the first time, are there any expectations for this coming year?

Jared Reisman: We are a new club this year however we have a pretty competitive group of guys. The majority of the team has played competitively in PIHA, AIHL, or the NCRHA previously so we expect to have a solid club and have our goals set just as high as every other team. We have a workman like group of players and we believe we can compete with the top teams in the league.

PIHA: The organization will be playing out of Tab Ramos Sports Center this year.  Is the facility looking forward to a new chapter of hockey around the rink?

J.R.: As a team we would like to thank Chris Gosha for giving us the opportunity to play out of Tab Ramos Sports Center. He has been very helpful in the entire process. The facility is excited about having a new team join the PIHA organization this year and for many years to come.

PIHA: Personally, you have been through 4 good years of college hockey, are there certain goals you have set for yourself this year?

J.R.: Personally, I do not have many goals for myself. The best part of the game is being a team player and doing whatever it takes to win. Obviously every player expects themselves to play to the best of their abilities and that is no different with myself. My goals for our inaugural season are team based and I expect to see our club take the next step and grow as a professional team. We have a great group of guys and I think we can accomplish something special this year, and for many years to come.

PIHA: As captain of the Braves and a leader as part of a new organization, is the franchise going to have to rely on others besides yourself?

J.R.: As a new team we really have a strong group of players this season. We definitely have a lot of depth with our group of forwards and defenseman so as a team we don’t have to rely on any single player.

PIHA: If so, who should the rest of the league be looking out for?

J.R.: From a pure goal scoring standpoint I believe we have two of the best in the league this season. Vinny Bird and Josh Gold will definitely be on the leaderboards throughout the season.