Nemo Doesn’t Stop The East Playoffs

   Epic snow fall in the Northeast has delayed the start to the Eastern Conference Finals this weekend but the Appalachian and Atlantic divisions embark onto a newly opened ISCA Arena today to begin their quest to a PIHA Championship.  

   Minor games begin at Noon this afternoon and the Pros will start later this evening.  Stay tuned here to see what happens, this weekend, during the weekend.
Weekend Revised Schedule
1230pm     Minor     Pensylvania Monsoon  vs  Scotsdale Inferno (3 game series)
230pm       Minor     New Jersey Grizzlies  vs  New Jersey Braves (3 game series)
430pm       Minor     Marshalton Rampage  vs  Winner of 1230pm Series (3 game series)
630pm       Pro         Harrisburg Lunatics  vs  Pottstown Team Blue (3 game series)
830pm       Pro         Long Island Snipers  vs  New Jersey Grizzlies (3 game series)
1030pm     Pro         Scotsdale Inferno  vs  Winner of (630pm series) (3 game series)
1230pm     Pro         Eastern Conference Finals (Winner 830pm vs Winner 1030pm) (5 game series)