New Mexico’s Seth Billie Chimes In

Seth Billie
Seth Billie of the New Mexico Venom has been a staple between the pipes for a team that has grown in skill and popularity. The Venom, although playing all their league games in the Colorado area, have done a great deal to help build the youth hockey program at the facility they are based out of, Roller Skate City in Albuquerque, NM. Billie gives us a little insight on growth, expectations, and personal goals as the Venom look forward to 2012-2013.

PIHA: Are you and the Venom looking forward to another PIHA season?

Seth Billie: I’ve been looking forward to playing PIHA again since the end of our playoff run last season.  We have a good core of returning players, and I know we’re all very excited and more motivated than seasons before.

PIHA: What kind of expectations does the Venom have for this coming year?

S.B.:The team has experienced positive progress since our first game in PIHA, and we’re looking to continue building on that. Anything short of the playoffs would be a disappointment.

PIHA: Is there anyone the Venom may be aquiring for this coming year that may not be on the radar at this point?

S.B.: Our rec. program has seen some growth over the last year and we’re optimistic that we will have a few new faces skating with us after tryouts next week.

PIHA: Personally, any goals your looking to achieve during this season?

S.B.:To never stop improving. I learned a lot over the last two season and I want to continue to apply it to my own game.  Continuing to improve on my GAA is always on my mind.

PIHA:  “Give me a prediction on number of wins for the Venom and who do you think will take the Rocky Mountain Division in 2012-2013?”

S.B.If we continue to build on our success I see us winning at least 15 games this season. There’s definitely some good talent from last season that I imagine won’t be slowing down.  But you can bet on the Venom being right up there with them this year!