Minor Finals Should Be a Blast

The final weekend of February is not only going to showcase the best Pro players in the country but the best teams in PIHA’s Minor Division will be embarking on the state of Pennsylvania right outside the Steel City. These teams look to prove they are the best of the best in PIHA and their players and coaches will be the next to make an impact on the Pro Division.

Here are a few players to watch next weekend:

Marshallton Rampage – Nico Christino (57pts) led all scoring in the division throughout the regular season.

Mile High Miners – Two players that played several games with the Pro squad and should crack a lineup next year. Joey Dolce (47pts) Ryan Wass-Tursick (43 pts). Miners Jon Joy led all goaltenders with 3 shutouts.

New Jersey Braves – Jared Reisman led the Minor Division with 28 assists in 24 games.

Scottsdale Inferno – Led by veteran Nick Pilotti and being at home should help this team be a contender. Pilotti led the team with 9g, 22a, for 31pts.

When this was written the league still was waiting on the Sting/495’ers series to be completed.