League Goes On Another ‘Springs Fling’

Colorado Springs, CO – The 2013-14 PIHA Founders Cup Finals will head back to the beautiful CET Sports Inline Hockey Arena in Colorado Springs, CO this February. “We are very excited to be back in Colorado. Our relationship with facility management and the spectacular involvement of youth players in the area makes this move a no-brainer” says Founder, Charley Yoder. The PIHA Finals will be held the weekend of February 22-24, 2014.

Both the Pro and Semipro divisions will expand in each conference during the upcoming season, but especially in the Western Conference’s Rocky Mountain Division. Teams from Kansas City and Omaha will be added in the Semipro division along with at least two Pro organizations. The Springs Stallions will join the Thunder at CET Arena which should provide an instant rivalry within the confines.