It’s Playoff Time

It’s playoff time!!!!!! I don’t just mean the NFL; the PIHA chase for the Founders Cup is getting ready to kick off. Payton Manning is not the only slow, old guy leading his team into the playoffs in Colorado. CJ Yoder (a close second amongst active legends in Colorado) has the Thunder threatening the Parker Prowlers for the class of the West. Each of those teams have a tough first round task. The Prowlers will host the Miners and the Thunder take on the Stallions. Stallions coach Bill Mulhern has said this is the match up they wanted, and he feels they can take down the defending Western champions.

In the Semipro division the Black Forest Thunder have made the playoffs. Black Forest may be the oldest team age wise in the history of PIHA not in the masters division. The favorites to win the semipro in the West have to be the Front Range Thunder who have lead the Rocky Mountain South all season. For the Rocky Mountain North the Westminster Cats have come on strong and will pose a real threat in the playoffs.

I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year’s. As for Slim, I strapped on the pads and participated in the Thunder’s first ever Winter Classic ball hockey game. I pretty much dominated. The Thunder leading scorers might be in a funk now. I will keep my phone lines open just in case John Bovee, Mike Penman or Bill Mulhern need any tips on how to stymie the Thunder.

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