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Hockey is starting to heat up in the west as the winter sets in. As of now it is a three team race at the top of the standings. However you cannot sleep on the fourth place Catz, they are very close to giving the Minors, Prowlers, and Thunder a run to be the KING of the mountains. With the contenders closing in Jon Bovee is trying to keep the Prowlers as the “stache”(ha ha get it Jon?) of the west. They opened up play with 4 against the Thunder. The Thunder proved to be a tough challenge for the defending Western Conference champs. The Minors opened with 4 games against the Catz. With all the close games the Rocky Mountain Conference promises to be an exciting and wild race to see who is still standing in the New Year.  Somebody please let the Commish know there are teams west of PA that can play our game too, and to stop wasting time chatting about baseball while there is not a lockout in our league and we have all this exciting hockey being played. East coast lookout, I have heard that Lunatic forward Brian Yingling is not happy with his point per game average and has started a vigorous P90X workout regimen that will help him serge in the second half of the season.

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