Great Opening Weekend in Rocky Mountain Division

Colorado Springs, CO – Last weekend the Rocky Mountain Division opened up the PIHA season as most of the division’s teams made their way to CET Arena for opening weekend. The day’s events featured mascots, a bounce house, new teams, along with new and old rivalries. The product on the floor was spectacular and the fans had plenty to do when they took time away from watching the games.  “We hope each and every weekend can get better but obviously this was a good start to the season. With the newly formed Stallions in new uniforms and the Catz putting on new colors, everyone looked great. Semipro games were competitive and Pro games were up and down the rink. It was a great day all around,” said Division Coordinator Dave Needham.

The mention of rivalries is an understatement as the Prowlers and Thunder were the showcase slot at 7:30, with Comcast in the building to film. Although the matchup looked to be great on paper and made for TV, the Prowlers outmatched and outplayed the Thunder all over the floor and took two from the defending Conference Champions. “Honestly, they were a much better team tonight. We have some definite work to do if we want to keep pace with them and from what I saw all day, the rest of the division. At this point the Prowlers are the obvious team to beat,” mentioned CJ Yoder.

The newly formed Colorado Stallions took two games from a young and talented Fort Collins Catz squad that also lost two close matches to the Mile High Miners. The Mile High team was fast and seemed to bury every chance they got as they took both games, 7-4 and 7-5. While the Catz lost four games on Saturday they will be a team to reckon with as the season moves forward and they did skate away with a point during a tough 4-3 loss to the Stallions.

In other news in the division the Colorado Stallions organization was showcased during the first episode of PIHArd Knocks. The show is a spinoff of the football programming and has been a huge buzz around the Arena. “The show should stir some instant rivalries on the floor,” said Stallions Head Coach Bill Mulhern. Both the 7:30 and 9:30 games each and every PIHA night at CET will be aired Wednesday nights from 8-10pm on Comcast channel 105 along with bits of the Stallions’, PIHArd Knocks.  Reality TV right here in Colorado Springs!