Farenga Chimes in from the ‘Burg’

Jeff Farenga

Harrisburg, PA – PIHA Media found a diamond in the rough during a recent conversation with Lunatic captain Jay Mazer. A few quick questions and we realized that there is more to the league and its on floor product as we interviewed Jeff Farenga, goaltender for the Tics. Not only a well-established puck stopper but a guy we all wish could be a part of our community. Here’s what Jeff had to say about a few things PIHA and beyond:

PIHA: What is like playing in one of the oldest organization’s in PIHA?

Jeff Farenga: Well to answer that first question it’s great. Jay runs a great organization, and having Ying back definitely gives us a sense of pride. I just wish we could get some more of the young kids to buy in. We are playing for a team no individuals, and having 2 guys in Jay, and Ying that have been so far in roller hockey I feel makes you want to do your best, and respect the team, and what it stands for.

PIHA: Any predictions on the back end of the season? Is the team starting to come together?

J.F.: Really don’t want to give any predictions. As I have gotten older I notice they only come back to bite you in the ass, but that being said both pro and minor have started to play better, and we can control our own destiny.

PIHA: We’ve noticed you are one of the older guys on the roster. Do you still enjoy shutting down the “young bucks”?

J.F.: Yes I am I think the oldest guy on the minor roster, and love shutting down the young guys. They all call me old, and I tell them when they get to my age if they can still do what you do they can call me old then. So yes shutting down younger players is a sense of great pride, and brings joy to my heart.

PIHA: On a personal note: Your captain, Jay Mazer, mentioned that you do some amazing things within the community and as a job. Do you care to explain?

J.F.: Well my job takes me to daycares, and preschools we teach sports and fitness to kids. I feel I have been very blessed in my life, and any chance I get to give back I want to. I wouldn’t do any other job in the world working with young kids from age 2-6 is amazing. If you ever want to know the truth about anything just ask a kid they don’t hold back. I think the greatest thing about the job is watching the growth of the kids as they stay in the program, and to see how far they have come.

PIHA: It’s obvious you care about the health and well-being of the future. Have you ever run into a “Future Lunatic Star”?

J.F.: Well on the floor would have to be the first game I ever played was a shutout I wasn’t supposed to make the team that year was an alternate, and someone backed out. I had only been skating like 6 months at that point.

PIHA: Lastly, can you share with us a most memorable moment both on the floor and off the floor while doing such amazing things with kids?

J.F.: Off the floor with the kids are all the smiles I get and last year I had been teaching a preschool with the same group of kids for 2 years they were all moving on, and every one of them asked me to come and do something with them if it was come see me over the summer come teach me in kindergarten. You name it was very emotional and the parents threw me a party on my last day just something that will stay with me forever.

PIHA: Thanks again and good luck!