Clean Sweep

2012-13 Founders Cup Champions – Long Island Sting


2012-13 Playoff MVP – Mike Genova

Mt. Pleasant, PA – Last weekend’s PIHA Finals proved too much for the Western Conference Champion Colorado Springs Thunder as they looked out matched both Friday and Saturday night during PIHA’s 12th PIHA Founders Cup Finals. After taking two on Friday night, the Snipers took advantage of just about every power play opportunity and scored their final PP goal in overtime to basically stick a dagger in the floundering Thunder squad.

After the second OT loss in a row the Thunder were nowhere to be found in game four as the Long Island team took it to them, winning the final game 6-2 and putting a stamp on a dominant sweep. Sniper goaltender, Mike Genova skated home with the Playoff MVP award winning all four games and shutting down a Thunder offense that had no issues scoring all year.

Although the series was a bit shorter than league management would have liked, Founder Charley Yoder was proud of the events. “The league would love a 7-game series every year with the best team winning at the end but that’s not always going to happen. I have to say though, the series was fun to watch. There is tremendous talent on both of these squads and throughout our league. Both Long Island and Colorado Springs was well represented this weekend. No funny stuff after whistles, no scrums at every turn, just good hard hockey by both teams. The league and its fans appreciate that.” Mr. Yoder also mentioned the unbelievable support and commitment by the Hotshots Arena staff during the entire weekend and the weeks leading up to the event.