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Slim Pickens here and I wanted to get you hooked as I speak my peace heading into the new season. Yoder’s old, the Commish… REALLY?, and how’d they get a life size pic of Mazer on a website? Anyway, I’m Slim Pickens and will be answering questions and comments while giving my 3 cents, yep mine are worth more than 2, for the next couple of months on the league, its players, and me not getting an ounce of that $25,000! Good luck boys and fans, keep coming back to see what I’ve got to say next!

See ya where the beer meets the brats,

Slim Pickens


Slim, Dougiecuurs here from Inline Hockey Today, we have to meet my friend we have alot in common, we speak our minds. We must hook up by phone, skype, or the show:)

  • Melly says:

    I am not sure if any of the rule changes that I have heard will acutally be in play. One of the things I like about PIHA is they are willing to look for new ways to make our game more appealing to fans. As for the new faces on new teams and new teams I think it is going to make PIHA more competitive all together. It will be tough for the Sting and the Prowlers to get back to the finals. The pro teams in St. Louis are very good and very tough, as are the Brawlers. Last year to get to the finals both teams had a very tough road. Again it just makes me excited to see who survives the season and makes the incredible show that PIHA puts on for the Finals.