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Welcome back hockey fans. Today we look at two teams on the east coast. A lot has been happening this off season. Trying to get you fans in the doors at least one of the owners (and PIHA Commissioner) Denis Jelcic is coming up with new ideas.

  1. Every time the Grizzles score 8 or more goals in a series everyone in attendance gets a free corndog.
  2. Have a drawing where one lucky fan has a chance to be a guest coach for a home game.

The Sting have been tough to beat the last two years and the Grizzlies need your help.

Speaking of the Sting, Thomps don’t you think you’re taking this “Captain America” thing a little too far? I found All League Defenseman trending on Twitter with this picture:

See ya where the beer meets the brats,

Slim Pickens


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