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Good day hockey fans. Slim Pickins here sounding off on all things PIHA. Take a look at some of the logos for the teams. I mean even though Harrisburg hasn’t gotten off to the start they would like, they still have the best logo in the league.  Then you have Team Blue – they don’t really have a logo just blue letters. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!?!?!

Another topic I would like to discuss is penalty times. I mean last year in  Colorado they played with a full two minutes for a minor, and in the East they only had a minute and a half to feel shame. With that being said, if you looked at some of the PIMS racked up by some guys, it’s very impressive when they are 30 seconds shorter. I have to ask, did that impact the Parker Prowlers in the finals? Being at those games I don’t think so. I mean both teams only had one minute and thirty seconds in those games. From what I saw the Sting just earned a few more bounces in that series.

Speaking of the finals……. I know it’s early but man am I excited to see how it turns out this year. More teams and better competition from top to bottom this year in both the Pro and Minor divisions.  Sound off and tell Slim your pick to win the Championship.

On a side note: Brandon Yoder is off to a fantastic start for the Pennsylvania Typhoon. It is good to see him pressuring his big brother CJ for the title best Yoder in the league. For my money Charlie still holds that distinction, after all he is the best stay at home forward in hockey……… when the hockey starts Charlie stays home…..


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Other then the penalty min change what other rule changes were made? What do you think would have been better for the league? How do you think the new faces leauge wide will change their teams out come?

  • Slim says:

    I am not sure if any of the rule changes that I have heard will actually be in play. One of the things I like about PIHA is they are willing to look for new ways to make our game more appealing to fans. As for the new faces on new teams and new teams I think it is going to make PIHA more competitive all together. It will be tough for the Sting and the Prowlers to get back to the finals. The pro teams in St. Louis are very good and very tough, as are the Brawlers. Last year to get to the finals both teams had a very tough road. Again it just makes me excited to see who survives the season and makes the incredible show that PIHA puts on for the Finals.