A Roller Hockey Ambassador, Todd Melton To Be Recognized

Harrisburg, PA – The Professional Inline Hockey Association announced today that they will rename the annual Coach of the Year Award. With the tremendous loss of one of roller hockey’s original ambassadors within the past few weeks, the award will now and forever be recognized as the Todd Melton Coach of the Year Award. The award is handed out at the end of each season to the coach that displayed commitment, character, and a willingness to win during the year. “Although many of our current young players did not get the opportunity to work with one of the greats of our game, they are impacted through their coaches or peers that did get the attention of Todd Melton. Todd was a great man and if not for him the sport would surely not be where it is today,” commented league founder, Charley Yoder.
Todd is well known for the ’99ers dynasty, his hand in the start of some of the biggest tournament series within the game, and as a Co-Head Coach of the original Team USA in 1995. This team won Gold in Chicago, IL and showcased some of the best roller hockey players to ever play the game. PIHA President CJ Yoder was a part of that inaugural team and he has always been grateful to Todd and his willingness to teach the game, “This is a monumental day for our league and definitely brings a smile to my face. The people within the league unanimously agree that Todd Melton should be represented in some way for his commitment to the sport, but for me it’s a bit more personal. Todd gave me opportunities that I could never have repaid him for. He taught me more about this game than just about anyone and I hope that someday I can educate half the youth players that he did. His impact on the sport that we all love should never be forgotten. Todd, you are missed,” said Yoder.
PIHA is proud to have the opportunity to recognize a man that did so much for the sport of inline hockey and the league looks forward to handing out its next Todd Melton Coach of the Year Award.