A Brazilian Outlook

Thunder Defenseman Pablo Navarro

Colorado Springs, CO – After a few weeks in the Professional Inline Hockey Association and a taste of the hockey in the United States, PIHA Media decided to reach out to Pablo Navarro, defenseman for the Colorado Springs Thunder. Pablo has played this sport all over the world and has had several great experiences but how does PIHA match up? Let’s find out:

PIHA: Pablo, first how has your first couple weeks in Colorado Springs been?

Pablo Navarro: Amazing, all the players make me comfortable, the league is really organized and the place is awesome.

PIHA: The Thunder organization has been a premier team in PIHA for years, are they taking care of you?

P.N.: I can say I am feeling great! The coaches, players and fans are so friendly, they help me with place to stay; I can say they are taking care about me for sure.

PIHA: With stints on the Brazilian National team, time with the Pama Cyclones organization, and also your team Palmeiras from Brazil, how does the talent in PIHA fit in?

P.N.: For me the minors divisions are inside the high levels from South America, also I hope see more friends from Palmeiras around here. About Brazilian national team I can say maybe we have useful players for PRO division. Comparing with Pama, the Pama players for sure are in pro level, also the guys from PIHA have conditions to play high level outside PIHA.

PIHA: Looks like you’re playing a ton right now in both the Pro and Minor divisions, we’re assuming the guys have given you the respect you deserve?

P.N.: I can say I am feeling at home, and for the next month’s my blood is purple and yellow like a Thunder colors. I will give everything in both divisions and I will give back all the respect they have for me.

PIHA: If you could change one thing that the organization does, what might that be?

P.N.: Definitely a live stream in all the game…

PIHA: We know you’ve had a ton of great experiences but can you name one that would be your fondest?

P.N.: My first Pan AM Games 1999.

PIHA: And lastly, do you think there could be a possibility of some expansion into South America? Would it be welcome in your country?

P.N.: Definitely yes, I hope comes – I will be in.

PIHA: Pablo, thank you for your time and make sure you enjoy every minute of the Professional Inline Hockey Association.  We know we are enjoying you being here!